skin of color

Acne Tips For Those With Skin Of Color

HOW DO I GET RID OF THESE DARK SPOTS? People with skin of color currently make up the majority of the population of the world, but dermatology treatment general is not focused on them. Still, they are more likely to experience post-inflammatory…
Treatment for sweating too much

Why am I sweating so much? What you need to know about Hyperhidrosis

Do you ever feel like you are sweating unnecessarily? It’s a 60 degree day outside but for some reason walking inside the grocery store leaves you feeling a little misty in the hands or underarms. You may be experiencing a condition…
How lasers and lights can help treat your acne

Using lasers and lights to treat acne - Does it even work?

In an age of technology, using lasers or light therapy to treat acne seems like a no brainer. However, many are asking if it even works? The idea of just pointing a light at your blemishes and having them instantly disappear is highly appealing…
Skin care mistakes that are making your acne flare up

Skin care mistakes that are making your acne flare up

Millions of people see their dermatologists seeking advice after an annoying acne flare up that is driving them crazy. You could be following everything that your skin care professional is recommending, but there still may be a few other…
young looking skin after botox

The Insider's Guide to Botox

How do I get rid of these wrinkles?! Are you tired of waking up each morning and seeing deep frown lines in the mirror? These unwanted lines and wrinkles, which become more apparent as you age, can be diminished with a treatment of Botox ®.…
Understanding sunscreen - the basics
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What’s in a bottle: understanding sunscreen

Everyone has been there, standing in an aisle at the supermarket staring at the seemingly endless selection of sunscreens. The choices alone can be overwhelming, not to mention the countless options and varieties: Water-proof, UVB, water-resistant,…
7 ways to improve rosacea

7 proven treatments that can help improve your rosacea

Imagine a middle aged person who has numerous spidery appearing areas of redness, intermixed with small bumps that look like acne on his or her cheeks. You may have been exposed to this appearance on a personal level or have seen it on others.…
picture of sun screen being applied to skin

4 Tips on How to Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be a go to part of your beach days and afternoons by the pool this summer. The increased exposure to potentially dangerous UV light exposure adds up over time. Sunscreen is often times greasy, difficult to put on, and is…
4 Ways Consistent Exercise Improves Skin Appearance and Health

4 Ways Consistent Exercise Improves Skin Appearance and Health

With summer here, who doesn’t want a shed a few unwanted pounds from their unrelenting abdominal fat? However, I am proud to be able to share with you that exercise, weight loss and fitness habits can also help you to have healthier and…
Moisturizing traps water in the skin