4 Ways Consistent Exercise Improves Skin Appearance and Health

4 Ways Consistent Exercise Improves Skin Appearance and Health

With summer here, who doesn’t want a shed a few unwanted pounds from their unrelenting abdominal fat? However, I am proud to be able to share with you that exercise, weight loss and fitness habits can also help you to have healthier and better-looking skin. Exercise can help acne, wrinkles and many other various skin related issues. Even more interesting, new research has been showing that consistent exercise can help to decrease skin aging, even for those of us that haven’t start exercising at all until just yesterday. This article will discuss a few of our favorite advantages that exercise has on skin. Here we go! Let’s learn how consistent exercise improves skin appearance.

Reduce acne flares with cardio?

As you exercise, your cardiovascular system starts pumping blood to the distant muscles in your arms and legs. Overall, you have much better blood flow if you consistently exercise. Increased blood flow leads to better nourishment for your skin, but also at the same time, it takes unwanted toxins from your skin to be filtered out and excreted by other parts of your body. In medicine particularly, better blood flow to any region of the body leads to healthier results for the lone reason of better oxygenation. The sweat that develops as a result of exercising also helps to enhance excretion of dirt, oils and toxins from your pores. Of course, your skin won’t magically get better after only exercise. You will need to be sure to clean and wash up after you exercise in order to assist the complete removal of the toxins you just spat out of your pores. If you are taking medication from your physician for acne, ask them whether or not it is a good idea to reapply those medications after you just killed it at the gym.

One of the other advantages of exercise is the release of endorphins into the blood stream. These endorphins are responsible for making you feel like a god after your workout, but they also help to decrease cortisol levels. High cortisol levels have been shown to be correlated with acne breakouts. In short, reduce stress, reduce cortisol, help your acne. It just so happens that exercise can initiate that chain reaction. For more information about acne check out 4 acne myths that could change your day.

All about oxygen (O2)

As we talked about already, when talk about how consistent exercise improves skin appearance, there is a huge amount of blood that is circulated around the body. Much of this blood is in vessels that are very superficial under the skin. Increased oxygenated blood in those vessels located nearest to the surface of the skin provide a glow that lasts for hours after you exercise. Not only does more blood flow to your skin due to your increased heart rate, but the vasculature also dilates allowing more blood to flow in an nourish the skin the way it was intended. Additionally, physical fitness improves collagen production in the skin. Collagen, a protein mainly located in the dermal layer of your skin, is the main component that gives your skin firm and without wrinkles. Again, bottom line, physiologic collagen production in the right proportion due to exercise helps you look amazing!

Sleepy time

After you exercise, you usually feel energized at first. However, did you also know that regular cardiovascular activity helps you sleep better at night. During sleep, your skin also takes advantage of the time in order to regenerate and repair itself. It has also been said that your skin actually repairs faster during sleep. More exercise equals better sleep which in turn makes you look like a model, or at least doesn’t hurt.

Get outdoors

Many times, people enjoy getting out of the gym and find a great amount of happiness running around their favorite lake, or through a nice piece of wooded area that is nearby their home. That happiness again comes from endorphins which overall make you a more cheerful person, all the while decreasing your cortisol levels and again improving collagen production. Being outside with fresh air going in and out of your lungs with great rapidity tends to enhance the effect. However, be sure to wear your hat, grab your sunscreen (don’t forget to reapply) and enjoy the great outdoors as you gain all the dermatologic benefits that cardio has for your skin.


In conclusion, exercise can help your acne through increased blood flow and cortisol augmentation (remember, that important protein I mentioned earlier). Sleep and oxygen delivery also make sure that your skin has a healthy glow when you wake up in the morning after a productive day yesterday that included a good amount of exercise. As always, keep reading and stay educated on other new information regarding your skin health. Only you can make the ultimate decision regarding your health and beauty.