4 Tips on How to Apply Sunscreen

picture of sun screen being applied to skin

Sunscreen should be a go to part of your beach days and afternoons by the pool this summer. The increased exposure to potentially dangerous UV light exposure adds up over time. Sunscreen is often times greasy, difficult to put on, and is difficult when you are using makeup. Fair-skinned people know that it is too easy to forget to use sunscreen and the consequences are the immediate painful sunburn along with increased risk of skin cancer and increased aging in the future. This post will incorporate a lot of the most recent research to give you definitive answers to your most “burning” sunscreen questions (pun intended). We will discuss the correct way to apply sunscreen and the best sunscreen for daily use, how to use sunscreen and fairness cream, and so much more.





The best way to apply it and still maintain younger-looking skin is to use SPF 35 or higher each day. However, some dermatologists often say to use SPF 50 since people do not apply enough to make this work. The answer to how to use it everyday is to apply a lot! It is important to use it even if you are mainly in shaded areas from trees because you can still be exposed to direct sunlight. Following this will lower your risk of skin cancers like Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and the extremely dangerous Melanoma. Check out 5 Ways to Tell if You Have Skin Cancer in 2017  to learn more about these.




The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends to apply it every two hours. This increases in frequency to every 80 minutes if you are involved in water sports, like swimming, surfing, or wakeboarding, as well as sweating. However, this only works if you applied the it liberally in the morning. Most people do not do this, and so it is safe to reapply every two hours. It is also important to check and make sure your it does not include any allergens like fragrance. Applying sunscreen correctly also will prevent the aging effects the sunlight has on your skin. Check out 4 Antioxidants for Younger Looking Skin to learn more about anti-aging.




Now that you have properly put on it, the question of how to apply it with makeup arises. The protective qualities of sunscreen can be lost if you apply too soon. Pause for 3-5 minutes so that the sunscreen is able to fully dissolve over your skin before starting to put on your foundation. Use a firm, downward force when applying the foundation. Do not rub back and forth, or use excessive pressure.


The answer to the question, “can I apply powder after applying it,” is yes! Just do not completely depend on them for your protection against the sun. There just needs to be adequate time between the application of the it and the powder. Moreover, some powders have it in them, and are very useful. They can be used to touch up your foundation and makeup throughout the day and for adding on protection if you think you need it.